Updates for Volunteers

Things to Remember for Your Volunteer Time

Thank you so much for volunteering!  Here's a few things to remember as you volunteer:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes that cover your feet.  No open toed shoes or sandals.
  2. Enter through the volunteer entrance at the back (not the glass doors at front).
  3. Don't forget to sign in and sign out.  The volunteer hours help us in applying for grants, and help us measure how well we are fulfilling our mission. It's a small way you can help us by allowing us to accurately show the many hours that volunteers give to this work. 
  4. Please plan to be on time and stay until closing unless you have notified Nancy-Lee in advance. Sometimes if we are not busy, the shift leader may let you go early, but please check with the shift leader before leaving.  
  5. Please leave your name badge when you sign out.  We reuse the plastic covers for the next crew of volunteers, so we need them left behind.
  6. We are very thankful for you, our awesome volunteers!  Thank you for your service!